250 hours of classes & joyous community with Myree Morsi,
soul guide, transformational therapist & awakening expert

Starts April 18, 2024

Activate your sacred birthright as an empowered healer

250 hours of classes & joyous community with Myree Morsi,
soul guide, transformational therapist & awakening expert

Starts April 18, 2024 

Activate your sacred birthright as an empowered healer

You have a team of unique guides with you right now and always.

Take a deep breath. Can you sense them? 

Being able to tune in to their healing powers, protection and wisdom whenever you desire transforms your life and anyone else you wish to help.

In Spirit Magic, you will intimately connect with your teams and never again feel alone.

Welcome, Dear One!

I sense you found your way here because somewhere deep within, you long for more spiritual connection.

You intuitively know that it’s possible to refine your natural abilities to communicate and co-create with Spirit's support – and then use this to activate your full power, to be whole and human.

But you hesitate to activate this connection. Because you aren’t sure how, or you think such abilities are reserved for others, not you.

This is why I created Spirit Magic.

Because you deserve access to powerful healing tools and the infinite capacities of Spirit so you can be resourceful and independent in your self-care, your evolution, your wellbeing and your awakening.

I’m honoured to welcome you to Spirit Magic, a sacred container for you to reconnect with and enhance your spiritual gifts and tools. (Yes, you have them!)

In Spirit Magic, you will learn an advanced and unique repertoire of tools, skills and techniques that I developed over 2 decades as a spiritual healer and therapist. 

This is the only place where I teach the tools that I know work well to bring healing and liberation to yourself and others.

To facilitate these co-creative healing abilities with Spirit, you will curate highly specialised, multidimensional healing teams that have access to some of the realms of Spirit and healing beings that I utilise every day in my advanced healing work. 

And you will tailor your high-level Spirit Teams to perform healing work and offer refined, elevated support that is perfectly aligned with who you are. These teams can also be aligned to any population you may wish to support with these skills.

My Spirit Teams and I joyously await taking you on this unforgettable journey!

With passion for your gorgeous spirit,


“After my long disconnection from Spirit, Myree created a program that allowed me to safely traverse the spiritual landscape again, free from fear and self-doubt. 

It allowed me to let go and clear out old beliefs that had been loitering for more than 20 years."

Renee | Melbourne, Australia
Social Worker


Steve | Australia
Property Developer

“Spirit Magic was a game-changer and life-saver in such a supportive environment. 

Myree teaches complex esoteric subject matter with so much love, ease, passion, joy and fluidity. I walked away with tools, techniques and processes that I will use in my life forever.”

Jeffers | Melbourne, Australia 
University Professor & Paleontologist

“Expect major life changes and directions as your world awakens in diverse, positive ways!

Myree holds a universal space on Earth in extraordinary ways to bolster and fine-tune our innate abilities to connect to higher realms. Each of us has a job to do to shift the planet’s energies, and Myree has been instrumental in shining light on our respective life paths.”

Reclaim your innate gifts and abilities as a spiritually attuned healer and manifester

Become a confident, embodied healer

Spirit Magic is designed to empower the profound healer within

⟡ Health practitioners

⟡ Healers

⟡ Coaches

⟡ Therapists

⟡ Sacred space holders

⟡ Those who long to activate the healer within

⟡ Those who have connected with Spirit a little and want more

⟡ Those wanting to add new tools to their healing tool kits

⟡ Those seeking how to tune in to their innate medicine to transform their life, ancestral lines, all beings in the past, present or future, or our dear planet


Myree Morsi is a gifted therapist who has mastered the awakening process for the modern world. After successfully healing her own PTSD from childhood abuse, then guiding her own spontaneous Kundalini awakening to completion in 2009, Myree is dedicated to helping others heal their trauma, claim their spiritual gifts, and stabilise and befriend their awakening journeys.

In practice since 1999, Myree has a Master’s degree in Process-Oriented Psychology, a diploma in professional counseling in Australia and a teaching certificate in Kundalini yoga, and she is a graduate of Mythic Way from the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy.

By weaving her expertise in traditional counseling, trauma awareness and somatic therapy with her clairvoyant spiritual and energetic healing gifts, she has supported people for 20+ years who are navigating painful and confusing awakening, healing and spiritual journeys.

Myree’s natural Shamanic connection to nature since childhood enables her to see another’s aura and the movement of energies through their systems. She and her Spirit Teams love to use this gift generously. It allows her to break down complex situations with immediate precision and collaborate with clients for deeply personalised transformation. She is known for her unique approach to teaching and healing that perfectly balances the tangible and the mystical.

Since 1998, Myree has been working with her Spirit Teams and achieving profound healing. In 1999, she brought her Teams into her professional practice and has seen the same depth of healing with her clients ever since.



⟡ 7 sequential modules for effective learning of Myree’s unique quantum healing tools

⟡ 40 live classes with expert coaching, guidance & demonstrations from Myree and her Spirit Teams

⟡ 40 opportunities for spotlight support opportunities in all live classes

⟡ 20+ life-changing healing processes to safely use on yourself, clients & the world

⟡ 1 in-depth, step-by-step manual to utilise Spirit Magic


⟡ Safe space to explore your spiritual yearnings, callings and profound activation

⟡ Practice opportunities with like-minded and encouraging Spirit Magicians

⟡ Lifelong friendships with healers around the world

⟡ Private Facebook group to sustain sweet connection with your fellow Spirit Magicians


⟡ Graduates become Certified Spiritual and Energetic Healers with the AHHCA

⟡ Step 1 of 2 toward a diploma in Spiritual and Energetic Healing

⟡ Prepare for the highly requested apprenticeship program with Myree, beginning in 2026

⟡  Access to all class recordings

Meet your Spirit Teams and make magic!


Connect & Communicate: Build Your Spirit Magic Foundations

⟡ Learn the fundamentals of working with Spirit, building the foundations to connect and communicate with 2 Spirit Teams that are beautifully aligned with you and your life. 

⟡ Begin understanding how spiritual and energetic healing functions, and how you are perfectly designed to collaborate and heal with your Spirit Teams. 

⟡ Most of all, see how fun and light healing work can be!


Practice: Activate the Healer Within & Build Your Spirit Magic Tool Kit

⟡ Explore, create, heal and have more fun with your Teams!

⟡ Practice the foundational Spirit Magic tools to clarify and deepen your gifts and abilities to receive guidance, utilise tips from your Spirit Teams and collaborate with them closely.

Example tools: overcoming the inner critic and shortcuts to initiate tools in seconds


Power Up: Awaken Your Abilities for Quantum Healing & Co-Creation

⟡ Reclaim who you are and what you can do as a healer and co-creator.

⟡ Turn up the power! Build a highly specialised, multidimensional Spirit Team and dive deep into your abilities for mind-blowing quantum healing and co-creating.

⟡ Initiate and sustain long-form conversations with your Spirit Teams for their guidance and support in specific areas in your life.


Integrate: Evolve & Protect Your Inner Healer

⟡ The power tools in module 3 are so life-changing that an integration module is essential to help you reap the most reward.

⟡ Practice with your peers and spotlight coaching with Myree in the live classes to integrate and evolve those tools — and learn a few more to protect your energies and evolve further.

Example tools: psychic clearing and protection, trauma reversal and ancestral healing


Elevate: Learn Myree’s Signature Freedom Tools & Approach for Multidimensional Healing

⟡ Begin to play and interweave the tools for more complex and dynamic healing processes.

⟡ Elevate your healing abilities for yourself and others through Myree’s signature and unique approach to healing. This Tetris-style interplay provides profound and lasting healing for those she has worked with for decades.

Example tools: mass soul healing, past life healing and helping lost spirits through the light


Integrate: Expand the Spirit Magic Tools for Reclaimed Wholeness & Support

⟡ With Myree’s guidance and support, immerse yourself in practicing and developing all of your Spirit Magic healing tools to refine your abilities and confidence as a Spirit Magician.

⟡ Learn exciting additional tools at the request of Spirit Magic graduates who yearn to expand how they can help our dear planet by supporting star children!

Example tools: supporting star children and people enduring major health issues


Empower: Cross Your Growth Edges, Graduate & Celebrate!

⟡ Myree and the Spirit Magic community will support you as you integrate all of your new Spirit Magic tools into a cohesive whole aligned for you, your unique life journey, and however you desire to utilise your Spirit Magic. 

⟡ Together, we will honour and celebrate you in a fun and playful final class!

⟡ After you pass the final assessments and become a Certified Energetic and Spiritual Healer, you will be eligible for Myree’s apprenticeship program, launching in 2024!

Spirit Magic is collaborative at heart. You will have the ongoing opportunity to request areas you would like to focus on as the course unfolds.

Read all of the details on these 7 in-depth modules

Spirit Magic is the exclusive, “backdoor” access to learning Myree’s work as an expert healer

Learn the proven tools co-created by Myree and Spirit

Spirit Magic is the exclusive, “backdoor” access to learning Myree’s work as an expert healer

Learn the proven tools co-created by Myree and Spirit

Usual Investment to Work with Myree

100 hours of spiritual coaching

= $35,000+ USD

Investment in Spirit Magic

88+ hours of deep immersion and virtual retreat-style classes

⟡ 15 hours of group coaching

⟡ 26 hours of self-healing and personal development practice

27 hours of triad meetings and practice sessions with like-minded peers

⟡ 6+ hours of videos and guided meditations by Myree

⟡ 60 hours of mindfully selected recommended resources (includes books, articles, podcasts, audiobooks and documentaries)

= $4,250 USD

(or 2-10 affordable payments)

K.W. | Melbourne, Australia
Manager, Financial Planner & Coach

This is an incredibly powerful, life-changing course that will help you on your life path. 

Phenomenal transformation is possible to heal your life, your ancestors and the planet. I’m thankful to Myree for blessing us with these teachings, wisdom, experience and love!”

Hulya | Melbourne, Australia
Property Developer & Real Estate Agent

“Spirit Magic was the change I was looking for. 

I was able to heal deep inner trauma that I felt was impossible to heal. And I’m coming more into alignment with myself and my gifts. It’s like a dream that’s finally coming true! My Spirit Team also thanks Myree for helping me consciously connect with them.”


R.M. | Melbourne, Australia
Social Worker & Artist

“I finally understand the universal connections I have with my light beings and spirit beings who have been enlightening me during my awakening.”

Delana | Melbourne, Australia
Healer & Shamanic Artist

“Myree called together a group of people that I felt safe and welcomed to speak my mind, uncensored, and share my thoughts, (sometimes messy) unfettered.

I wanted to deepen my practice and learn practical skills beyond what I was currently operating with. The course delivered that while also acting as personal healing sessions. I’m so grateful!”

Kym Wilson | Melbourne, Australia
Coach, Published Author & Adventurer

“I have done a spirit guide course previously, years ago, but it was nothing compared to Spirit Magic. 

It was gentle yet so very powerful. I now have a clear and direct experience of connecting to angels and guides, and a direct knowing of how to work with them to support my own healing and life.”

Sandi | Daintree, Australia
Body Worker, Massage Therapist & Healer

"Spirit Magic has given me the missing links to my self-healing box of tools. 

It has taken healing to another level of simple yet profound understanding. I feel deeply grateful for the teachings that I have learned and can carry forward in both my personal and work life. It deepened my life, especially my heart."

Janani | Melbourne, Australia
Web Designer & Technology Consultant

“Spirit Magic took my life to a different level. 

It helped me to believe in myself. With the challenges in my life now, I’m really happy and have the strength to face them. I’m not stressed like I used to be. My angels always look after me and I thank them for being there for me.”

Paige | Australia
Professional Editor, Geomancy Consultant & Earth Healer

“The knowledge and experiences I have come away with have been truly life-changing. 

Myree holds such a warm, open, supportive space and shares her wisdom, knowledge and love so generously. This course opened up so many new possibilities and beliefs about what I can do.”

Peek inside Spirit Magic Live 2021

The Spirit Magic community is as life-changing as the course content

Feeling alone in the yearning toward embodying one’s spirituality — or feeling ashamed of it altogether — is the leading reason why many people feel imbalanced, incomplete or unfulfilled in their lives.

The reverse is also true: having an inclusive, supportive community of folks who share your yearnings and beliefs is the key to unlocking the door into your power.

In Spirit Magic’s live classes and private Facebook group, you will be seen, celebrated and encouraged to shine as the unique healer and magical co-creator that you’ve secretly desired to be. 

The love, laughter, wisdom and joy shared in Spirit Magic is unparalleled and deeply healing!

Meet your community and soak in the love

In 14 months, you will learn Myree’s unique tools and approach to lifelong, quantum healing

Meet with Myree and your Spirit Magic community to learn expansive theories on healing and awakening, watch demonstrations by Myree and her Spirit Teams, and soak in the invigorating atmosphere of depth and play.

Online courses often teach through pre-recorded videos and minimal live classes. Spirit Magic is different. 

This is a highly experiential course with a safe container created and held by Myree and her Teams. As such, 40 classes will be live! This means 40 opportunities to receive spotlight coaching with Myree, witness transformation in your peers and get your questions answered in a conversation format in 28 Q&As.


Spirit Magic grew from weekends in Australia to a global, online certification

Spirit Magic used to be sectioned into 6 spaced-out courses, which Myree taught as weekend intensives in Melbourne, Australia. But each time students finished a course, they were hungry to begin the next! 

Then people outside of Australia began writing to Myree, asking for her to create a way for them to experience this incredible course from afar.

Not only have we made Spirit Magic accessible worldwide, but now you can become a Certified Spiritual and Energetic Healer with AHHCA (Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association).

This certification prepares you for Myree’s apprenticeship program (beginning in 2024) and a Spiritual and Energetic Healer diploma upon completion of Myree’s 
Sacred & Safe Leadership™ Mastermind.

“For the first time ever, I feel comfortable to be me and explore new aspects of myself and the higher realms. 

Spirit Magic blew my mind! Myree presented the course in a gentle yet dynamic way for us to safely explore the universal connections we are diversely discovering. It has changed my view of the world and the universe.”

JS | Melbourne, Australia
University Professor & World Expert in Fossils & Paleontology

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$4,250 USD

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10 Monthly Payments

$378 USD /month


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