When someone cultivates a Spirit Team, they transform quite powerfully. A deep, personal empowerment happens — and it’s mind-blowing.

In Spirit Magic, you will discover your gifts and skills as you reclaim the spiritual soul you’ve always deeply yearned to embody.

You will learn how to move difficult, heavy wounds and traumas in ways that are light, generous and easy — but still profoundly effective. 

You will experience an encouraging, joyous, playful community of like-minded souls all over the world.

You will heal and liberate yourself and others, in this lifetime or others.

And you will become your own healer,
in your own style, able to support every part of your life with magnificent expansion...as a Certified Spiritual and Energetic Healer with the AHHCA.


Spirit Magic is collaborative at heart. You will have the ongoing opportunity to request areas you would like to focus on as the course unfolds.

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Module 1 | Connect & Communicate:
Build Your Spirit Magic Foundations
7 weeks

You will learn the fundamentals of working with Spirit and build the foundations to connect and communicate with two Spirit Teams that are beautifully aligned with you and your life. 

You will also begin understanding how spiritual and energetic healing functions, and how you are perfectly designed to collaborate and heal with your Spirit Teams. 

Most of all, you will see how fun and light healing work can be!

Foundations Topics Covered:

⟡ Gain clear wisdom and direct experiences of how to connect to your Spirit Teams, angels and guides — designed to specifically support your health, calling, profession, evolution and spiritual purification processes

⟡ Explore and release fears and beliefs that obstruct a clear, open relationship and easeful communication with your Spirit Teams

⟡ Learn to communicate with them in ways aligned with your gifts and sensitivities

⟡ Add Spirit Team members from different realms of support, using Myree’s Spirit Teams to guide you to the resources and connections that are most appropriate for you

⟡ Learn how Myree works with her Spirit Teams in her daily life and transformational healing work

⟡ Witness how your Spirit Teams can bring protection and safety, and create a safe container with them

⟡ Discover how to co-create with your Spirit Teams to support your awakening, spiritual growth and everyday life!

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ Heal and clear your subtle channels so you are able to communicate with your Spirit Teams

⟡ Connection fundamentals to build your personalised Spirit Teams

⟡ Communication fundamentals with your Spirit Teams

Module 2 | Practice: Activate the Healer Within & Build Your Spirit Magic Tool Kit
4 weeks

Learn the art of creating, holding and sustaining containers for individuals and groups that are healing and transformative.

You will master this by exploring what makes space sacred, and what makes (and keeps) YOU sacred. Because without your inner “sacred essence” realized and nurtured, creating sacred space is not possible.

You will learn how to weave your soul signature and unique resonance into a sacred space that stands out in a noisy, overwhelming world.

Practice Topics Covered:

⟡ Dissolve communication blocks with your Teams and hone in on your strongest receiving channels

⟡ Overcome the inner critic and doubt so you can be confident in your Spirit Team relationships

⟡ Discover the healing abilities you have always had and longed for 

⟡ Begin deeply activating the healer within — bringing its power, light and gifts forward to support yourself

⟡ Learn how to glean and ingest the deepest wisdom and healing from your Teams so you can receive them as powerful medicine

⟡ Solidify your abilities with the tools from module 1

⟡ Grow your Spirit Magic tool kit with new tools to use in your everyday life and with those you support or love

⟡ Opportunities to receive individual coaching and tailored guidance from Myree in every class

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ Overcome the inner critic

⟡ Support healing and wellbeing in your relationships

⟡ Soothe and support yourself in overwhelming times

⟡ Clear sabotaging beliefs, agreements and patterns

⟡ Build another Spirit Team

⟡ Learn shortcuts to initiate tools in seconds, whenever needed

Module 3 | Power Up: Awaken Your Abilities for Quantum Healing & Co-Creation
11 weeks

This is the core of Spirit Magic — where you will reclaim who you are and what you can do as a healer and co-creator. (Meaning: your incredible gifts and vast knowledge that have been blocked, forgotten or not been activated.)

Turn up the power! Build a highly specialised, multidimensional Spirit Team and dive deep into your abilities with them for quantum healing and co-creating that is truly mind-blowing.

Let’s not forget the other Teams you’ve cultivated. Here, you will initiate and sustain long-form conversations into their guidance and support for specific areas in your life.

Power Up Topics Covered:

 Curate a highly specialised, evolutionary, multidimensional healing Team that has access to some of the realms of Spirit and healing beings that Myree utilizes every day in her advanced healing work

⟡ Activate and integrate your natural intelligence, gifts and abilities in any area of your life — and move into sheer brilliance as these come back online!

⟡ Discover the powerful, accurate and transformative possibilities of spiritual healing with your individualized Spirit Teams

⟡ Explore holding sacred space that enables Spirit Magic’s FAST energetic and spiritual healing and transformations — it’s mind-blowing!

⟡ Understand more about different types of healing beings, their roles, gifts and unique areas of expertise — and experience their exquisite energies

⟡ Delve into the ethics and strategies of self-healing and healing others

⟡ Utilise the resources of your existing Spirit Teams even more accurately in your everyday life and personal vocations

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ Receive and apply intricate soul retrieval healing processes

⟡ Release and heal trauma from this lifetime and previous lifetimes

⟡ Clear and reverse trauma and shock (shock is one of the biggest obstructions to wellbeing and healing) — these tools are game-changers for life!

⟡ Facilitate ancestral healing and liberation — this brings deep healing to yourself, another and all of the ancestors involved

Module 4 | Integrate: Evolve and Protect Your Inner Healer
3 weeks

The Spirit Magic power tools in module 3 are so life-changing that an integration module is essential to help you reap the most rewards.

Through practice with your peers and spotlight coaching with Myree in the live classes, you will integrate, evolve and practice those tools — and learn a few more to protect your energies and evolve further.

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ The psychic clearing and protection tool — Myree’s most powerful, fundamental and life-changing tool

⟡ Call in and claim gifts from other lifetimes, dimensions and genius realms to inform and support any area of focus

⟡ Clear and heal different spaces

⟡ Hold sacred space in diverse environments

Module 5 | Elevate: Learn Myree’s Signature Freedom Tools & Approach for Multidimensional Healing
11 weeks

This is where the magic really begins to take form! Take the power tools you’ve learnt, add even more, and begin to play and interweave them to structure more complex and dynamic healing processes.

You will elevate your healing abilities for yourself and others through Myree’s signature and unique approach to healing. This Tetris-style interplay provides profound and lasting healing for those she has worked with for decades.

Elevate Topics Covered:

⟡ Discover how to heal 100s or 1,000s of souls within the same processes that heal yourself — expanding the healing and liberation possible on this planet

⟡ Enhance your abilities with the psychic protection tools and your psychic protection Spirit Teams

⟡ Discover how to support your own starry nature and incarnating in aligned, empowered ways that land all of your gifts so you can thrive on this planet

⟡ Dive deeper into utilizing your existing Spirit Teams more accurately and in refined ways in any area of your life

⟡ Hone your subtle sensory gifts even more (yes, more is possible for you!)

⟡ Learn how to synchronize your own healing process in more complex ways for maximum liberation and freedom

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ Techniques for releasing and healing trauma from one’s current life and previous lifetimes

⟡ Support those who are dying (or have died) accurately and safely through the light

⟡ Skills, processes and knowledge to help ghosts and lost spirits through the light, both in this lifetime and from others

⟡ Effectively clear entities and other attachments

⟡ Deeply moving techniques for mass soul healing

Module 6 | Integrate: Expand the Spirit Magic Tools for Reclaimed Wholeness & Support
3 weeks

With Myree’s guidance and support, you will immerse yourself in practicing and developing all of your Spirit Magic healing tools, refining your abilities and confidence as a Spirit Magician.

This module includes an exciting additional tools at the request of Spirit Magic graduates who yearn to expand how they can help our dear planet: supporting star children!

Integration Topics Covered:

⟡ Activate and build your relationships with your specialised, powerful Spirit Protection Teams

⟡ Learn additional, profound tools added by popular request: support for star children and those enduring serious medical issues

⟡ Refine your practitioner skills by working with your peers in triad groups

Spirit Magic Tools Cultivated:

⟡ Nurture and heal early childhood issues and wounds caused by unworthiness, loss and trauma — and grow an independent, worthy, resilient sense of self

⟡ Create healing Spirit Teams to support yourself and others enduring serious medical issues and surgery

⟡ Support star children and soul integration for the new, sensitive children arriving on this planet

Module 7 | Empower: Cross Your Growth Edges, Graduate & Celebrate!
1 week

Myree and the Spirit Magic community will support you as you integrate all of your new Spirit Magic tools into a cohesive whole aligned for you, your unique life journey, and however you desire to utilise your Spirit Magic. 

Together, we will honour and celebrate you in a fun and playful final class!

After you pass the final assessments and become a Certified Spiritual and Energetic Healer, you will be eligible for Myree’s apprenticeship program, launching in 2024!

Celebration Topics Covered:

⟡ Explore how all of your new Spirit Magic tools and skills can support you in your career, personal life and calling

⟡ Refine your skills for working with others and yourself

⟡ Practice calling on the Spirit Magic tools and your Teams in your everyday life for your personal development

⟡ Receive individualized coaching from Myree during the live classes

⟡ Cross any remaining growth edges so you can stand empowered as a Spirit Magician, ready to take these gifts and your incredible Teams into the world to co-create, play and unfold healing in the world

⟡ Complete the journey with celebration, ritual and sharing. Congratulations!



To graduate and receive your Spirit Magic certification as a Spiritual and Energetic Healer, each module will end with a selection of small tasks including the completion of quizzes and recommended reading, writing short reflection essays and demonstrating some of your skills in an easeful way with our compassionate and supportive group. 


Practice Sessions:

You will also complete 15 practice sessions with your peers over the course of Spirit Magic. In these sessions, you will deepen your skills and knowledge of your tools in a friendly, spacious and fun environment. It is incredible to experience what you and your Spirit Teams can accomplish — and witness it in your fellow Spirit Magicians!



You will be part of an assigned learning triad, which you will meet with once every 3 weeks. In your triad, you will discuss the tools, practice together and support each other’s growth. You will be each other’s Spirit Magic allies and champions!



250 total hours across 14 months

 Deep immersion and virtual retreat-style classes: 28 hours over 9 classes

⟡ Classes: 63+ hours over 21 classes

⟡ Group coaching by Myree: 30 hours over 10 classes

⟡ Triad meetings: 10 hours over 10 meetings

⟡ Practice sessions with peers: 15 one-hour sessions as a facilitator and 17 hours as a client

⟡ Videos and guided meditations: 6+ hours

⟡ Self-healing and personal development practice: 26 hours

⟡ Recommended resources (includes books, articles, podcasts, audiobooks and documentaries): 66 hours


*All dates below are in AU. For US/EU, subtract a date.

⟡ Term 1: April 18 — June 20

⟡ Term 2: Aug 29 — Sept 19 

⟡ Term 3: Oct 3 — Nov 21 (no class on Thanksgiving week)

⟡ Term 4: Dec 5  — Dec 19

⟡ Term 5: Feb 27 - April 10

(Easter break)

Return - May 1- May 22

⟡ Term 6: May 29 - June 12

June 19 - Graduation day


Expect to dedicate 3-4 hours per week to this course. 

This will fluctuate depending on your learning style and the classes offered each week.

This course is designed to have breaks and rest time to play with Spirit, practice your skills, deepen your abilities, and integrate.


All live classes will be recorded and posted in the course library shortly after they end.

Each weekly core class will be held at the same time, as shown below. 

*These times and days shift slightly due to seasonal time changes.

April - November — AU/November 8 US:

⟡ USA PST: Wednesdays @ 4:30 p.m. 

⟡ USA EST:  Wednesdays @ 7:30 p.m.

⟡ EU GMT:  Wednesdays @ 12:30 a.m. 

⟡ EU CEST:  Wednesdays @ 1:30 a.m.

⟡ AU CDT: Thursdays @ 9:00 a.m.

⟡ AU EDT: Thursdays @ 9:30 a.m.


⟡ USA PST: Saturdays @ 2:30 p.m. 

⟡ USA EST: Saturdays @ 5:30 p.m.

⟡ EU GMT: Saturdays @ 10:30 p.m. 

⟡ EU CET: Saturdays @ 11:30 p.m.

⟡ AU CDT: Sundays @ 9:00 a.m.

⟡ AU EDT: Sundays @ 9:30 a.m.


⟡ USA PST: Sundays @ 4:30 p.m. 

⟡ USA EST: Sundays @ 7:30 p.m.

⟡ EU GMT: Sundays @ 12:30 a.m. 

⟡ EU CEST: Mondays @ 1:30 a.m.

⟡ AU CDT: Mondays @ 9:00 a.m.

⟡ AU EDT: Mondays @ 9:30 a.m.

Please verify your time zone using this converter.

As a graduated Spirit Magician, you will be awarded a certificate as a Spiritual and Energetic Healer, certified by the AHHCA. 

Plus, you will become eligible for Myree’s sought-after apprenticeship program that begins in 2024!

Want to elevate to a diploma in Spiritual and Energetic Healing? Combine your Spirit Magic certificate with graduation from Sacred & Safe Leadership™ — Trauma-Informed Mastermind.

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