The place where brave, awakening souls go to wake up, step up and OWN their place in the world.



The place where brave, awakening souls go to wake up, step up and OWN their place in the world.

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Join spiritual healer and therapist Myree Morsi in this brand new 6-week course for sensitives, healers, empaths, introverts, creatives, changemakers, and gifted people of all natures who are ready to harness their deepest potential and gifts.

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“Fucking power. I realized I don’t know what power means. I realized that power has all my gifts, energy and talents locked up inside of it. And I need to keep walking through that door and owning my power”

from Naomi, a student of Myree’s during a coaching call

Dearest friend,

We live in an age where our personal power is in crisis. 

Over the last 20 years, I have witnessed so many talented souls with bountiful gifts to share with the world turn away from their power – block, deny, fear, repress and even hate it.

I’ve seen souls on awakening paths show up timid, rather than fierce in the pursuit of their soul’s purpose.

I’ve seen souls circling on their dreams and ambitions – calling them in, but not being able to step into them.

I’ve seen souls consistently under-charge for their work, stay in relationships that don’t serve them, be bulliedoverlooked, dominated, suppressed by others – the list goes on!

Enough’s enough. It’s time to bring forward a community of awakened souls who can stand firm in their power, live in their gifts and make their mark on the world. 

Will you stand with me?



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Level 1

A 6-week quest to uncover and integrate your personal power with spiritual healer and therapist, Myree Morsi. Click the video below to hear more about the program from Myree!

Claim Your Power

 β”β”β”β”β” ● ━━━━━ 

Level 1

A 6-week quest to uncover and integrate your personal power with spiritual healer and therapist, Myree Morsi. Click the video below to hear more about the program from Myree!

Claim Your Power
Join The Personal Power Revolution:

But know this dear friend – owning your power isn’t about dominating others or shifting into an alpha male (or alpha female) energy. In fact, you do NOT have to present any particular way to be “powerful” (despite what society may teach us). The work is so much deeper and more nourishing than that. 

Real power is…

An inside job – it takes guts and fire. It’s warm and strong. It hosts our deepest emotions and truths and compels us to bring them forward.

Transformational – a call to action and to change

Abundant and generous – it wants to be met, understood and received. To be used wisely and for good.

An inner resource – it is central to our deepest sense of self, to our creativity, to the expression of our gifts and our highest purpose

Universal – it is foundational to wisdom traditions all over the world and longs to be known in all of us – no matter your race, religion, gender or creed

Here’s what owning your power really looks like:

⟑ Holding the truth of who you are inside of you with confidence and grace

⟑ Embracing your vulnerability, your flaws, and your scars without shame

⟑ Feeling the FIRE within you when you need it and activated in your day to day

⟑ Feeling grounded and resilient in the face of change, conflict or uncertainty (aka becoming “unknockable” in situations that would otherwise knock you out)

⟑ Maintaining healthy boundaries with others and feeling safe and stable in your day-to-day

⟑ Being able to confidently step into any growth path or adventure that comes your way 

⟑ Being unafraid of the power of saying “YES!” to what life offers you and enjoying more ease and flow in your life as you share your gifts with the world

⟑ Being a light and an example for other heart-centered souls to express their power and manifest their abundance

Are you ready for all of this and more? 

It’s time to redefine what power means to you…


Finding Your Power


 Integrating Your Power

How it works:

Step 1: Finding your power
Step 2: Integrating your power

The secret to this program?

It’s in the implementation.

It’s not enough to find your power, you need to learn how to safely integrate it and embody it in your day-to-day (remember, it’s a practice!). Which is why having a safe container with an experienced facilitator is vital, so you can go over your growing edges with confidence as you tap into the deep well of abundance that awaits you within.

Meet Myree Morsi

Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Awakening Expert, Soul Guide & Leadership Coach

When I first began the journey to claim my own power, I struggled. I didn’t have anyone to guide or help me to own my power. I knew that I had it, but I didn’t understand how to befriend it – and the times I tried, it wasn’t well received by others. 

I soon became small, repressed, in hiding. But when I finally found the right alignment and expression of my power – everything changed. I discovered my ability to soar, experienced new realms of creativity, resilience, joy, satisfaction. Now I’m here to help you do the same. As a licensed therapist, spiritual healer, conflict resolution & trauma specialist for over 20 years – you can rest assured you’ll be in safe hands as we embark on this journey together. Join thousands of students from all over the world who’ve taken my programs and trusted me with their awakening journeys since 1999.

Myree Morsi is an Australian native and gifted energetic healer. In practice since 1999, Myree has acquired many professional titles including: a Master's degree in Process-Oriented Psychology (Process Work) from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon; a Diploma in Professional Counseling from Australian Institute for Professional Counsellors; graduation from Mythic Way from the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy; and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher certification from the RA MA Institute of Applied Yogic Science.

By weaving her expertise in traditional counseling, trauma awareness and somatic therapy with her clairvoyant spiritual and energetic healing gifts, she has supported hundreds of people all over the world as they navigate painful and confusing awakening, healing and spiritual journeys.


Embark On Your Power Journey with Myree

“When I first began working with Myree, I was fearful of the world, and even more so of discovering who I was.  While I tried to take up as little space as possible, there was a deep insatiable force within my core being that needed to be seen. Through Myree's tender and unwavering guidance, she has helped me to find comfort and ease in being able both claim and embody my power.  Myree lovingly holds & supports her clients to step over the threshold and into their power.  Today, because of Myree's work in claiming power, I am a truly different person and stand confidently in my power of who I am.  Because of Myree's power work, I have a stronger connection to my soul path, who I am and my purpose in this lifetime.”  

Victoria, Australia

"Myree is an outstanding intuitive healer who was born to do this work. I have worked with Myree for a number of years and she has guided me to rediscover my place in the world after a series of setbacks. Any work with her on reconnecting, discovering your power will be exponentially rewarding.” 

Melbourne, Australia

What to expect in this program:

I won't sugarcoat it: this program is designed to hit you in the third eye and wake you up. Claiming your personal power in today’s cut-throat world isn’t easy, especially if you have your own history of trauma and pain. But my promise to you is that you will be lovingly supported every step of the way. By the end of this program, you can expect to…

  • Receive a clear, positive understanding of what power really is
  • Create a map of the various types of power emergent in your life, so you can explore your powers in an easeful and creative way
  • Receive the tools and guidance to resolve, transform and love yourself over your growing edges
  • Cultivate attitudes that help you to recognise and claim your power, generating increased capacity and resilience within you 
  • Learn to integrate your power in ways that no one can take from you – your greatest power of all

 β”β”β”β”β” ● ━━━━━ 

Whether you’re brand new to this work or you’re already deep into an awakening path, Power School is here to help you actualize your greatest gifts. All that’s required of you is to have the courage to take the first step.

Master Your Awakening Journey With Power School

Course + Modules Overview

In Power School, you will receive...


⟑ Available in your course portal for 12 months from delivery

⟑ Each class runs for 2.5 hours, (click here for the class schedule)

⟑ Guided meditations, workbooks, practices and tools 

⟑ Opportunities for spotlight coaching, group and 1-1 support


⟑ Safe space to explore your spiritual yearnings, callings and profound activation

⟑ Practice opportunities with like-minded and encouraging Power Schoolers

⟑ Lifelong friendships with awakening souls around the world

⟑ Private Facebook group to sustain sweet connection with your fellow Power Schoolers

My most accessible offering yet…

This program is by far the most accessible offering from the 5 programs I offer. Why? Because I am dedicated to you awakening into your power and becoming a positive influence in your life and on this planet. The world is hungry for this, the spirit is hungry for this – and it is we awakening folk who can make a difference. If we keep blocking ourselves, closing our eyes, hoping we are not powerful in case we misuse that power – or if we run from power because we are scared of our capacities – we don’t just fail ourselves, we fail our deepest purpose in this world.

Join me in Power School and unlock the abundance within
BONUS: Alumni-only discount on Power School Level II, coming March 2024

At the end of this program, you will have built the ground to go further, deeper and into the many layered explorations of power that will be offered in Power School Level II early next spring (should you wish to explore them). In honor of your commitment and your courage in exploring this new frontier, all participants who complete Power School Level 1 will receive a to-be-announced alumni-only discount on Power School II when it enrolls next year.

What Myree has taught and role modelled has changed my relationship with power forever. The current times of this planet means all of us have had experiences with distorted power that have harmed us. Myree gifts a refreshing and integrated way to discover and unfold our Divine power within. This power is abundantly and innately available as it belongs to our birthrights.

From Myree's graceful and safe leadership, I have been able to deepen and bring more creativity in reclaiming my personal power which has been extremely foundational in stabilising my Awakening. Thank you dear Myree for your courage and generosity in sharing maps and language.”

Melbourne, Australia

Power School is for you if:

⟑ Power has been a confusing, difficult or problematic concept for you to embrace

⟑ You’ve traditionally seen your power as a disturbance rather than a gift 

⟑ You sense unlived paths or choices that you are longing to claim

⟑ Boundaries are complicated for you to navigate and set 

⟑ You have always seen power as “out there” and belonging to others only

⟑ You have been hurt by power previously – whether by individual people, or systemic powers

⟑ You are hesitant to identify as a powerful person, yet you dream of becoming one

⟑ You feel and sense power inside you but don't have the tools or language to know how to relate to it, embrace it and live it.

⟑ You may have begun the process of exploring your power, but you know that there is a higher level and more for you to claim – and are looking for guidance and permission to do this. 

⟑ You want to know how to use power well and wisely to safeguard and protect others

Not for you if...

⟑ You are not interested in understanding power or would prefer to hide from it

⟑ You believe you can accomplish your dreams and destiny without owning your power

⟑ You don’t believe or want to contemplate that power (like money) can be used in  beneficial, life-enhancing, positive and generative ways for yourself and others 

⟑  You are looking for dominance or power over others. 

⟑ You are not interested in sharing a learning experience with a group

⟑  You are unwilling to crack open the door to your power and explore the rich landscape of your inner world

Join Power School And Activate Your Personal Power

Sandi | Australia

Being in my power as a woman took me a long time to embody. Society's, generational and my own person history had taught me otherwise. Over the years working with Myree… I started to see the impact it had on my life. Once this power had shown through my eyes, I could stay in my light knowing this is my true power that nobody could take from me. I experienced being in my power from an activation of what was already inside of me, it just took being taught to be able to hold it and be comfortable for being seen in it. Power is sexy!” 

Annie | Melbourne

“Myree has a way of truly opening up your soul and allowing you to see your true purpose in life. She creates an unworldly, yet sacred and safe cocoon where you are given permission to heal the deepest of traumas. She is the most powerful person I have ever met, and I have searched everywhere trying to find a true teacher. No one else can even get near to what Myree's talents hold and what she shares. Her knowledge, wisdom and power is beyond this world, and it comes from a place of pure love. Myree has completely changed my life, she has literally saved my life and I am forever and eternally grateful. To be taught by her is a blessing beyond words.”

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A Final Love Note Before You Go…

I know that for some of you even contemplating coming into your power can be triggering (especially if you’re someone who has had your power taken away from you in the past)... but I invite you to explore and redefine the word with me. Discovering your power can be EMpowering because WE get to shape what “power” really means in today’s world. We get to play with it, to befriend it, to explore in a safe container where all are beautifully supported… You’re not too early. You’re not too late. You are exactly where you need to be.


It’s your time. Step out from the shadows and embrace your greatest potential with Power School.

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