Connect to Your Spirit Guides & Angels Anytime, Anywhere


Hi, Dear One!

Here is where you can watch the full class replay, which covers:

  1. A warm welcome to your spirit team & encouragement for them to give YOU extra support during the class
  2. What are spirit guides and angels, and what is the difference?
  3. Who makes up my own Spirit Team (the cast of characters may surprise you!)
  4. Simple steps for you to connect with them more easily and clearly, anytime
  5. Play with these connection steps and receive your team's support and healing

I recommend having a journal or some paper nearby while you embark on this class so you can jot down insights and moments asking you to delve deeper.

When you've finished, I want to know: Did this class spark questions or insights? Send me an email at [email protected]. I read every one.

With passion for your empowerment,

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