A Dedication And Journey To Learn Spirit Magic Craft, Intricately And Deeply, With The Support Of Your Soul Guide, Transformational Therapist, & Awakening Expert, Myree Morsi.  

Your Invitation To Return To Your Wholeness As An Accomplished, Experienced, Wise, Reliable, Trustworthy Healer. 

April 17, 2024

Embody A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician

A Dedication And Journey To Learn Spirit Magic Craft, Intricately And Deeply, With The Support Of Your Soul Guide, Transformational Therapist, & Awakening Expert, Myree Morsi.  

Your Invitation To Return To Your Wholeness As An Accomplished, Experienced, Wise, Reliable, Trustworthy Healer.

April 17, 2024 

Embody A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician

Dear Baby-Magicians,

You have dedicated yourself to your Spirit Magic craft and have met your teams. 

You have felt your gifts emerging, you have witnessed transformations, and you have facilitated healings. 

You’re on it! Spirit Magic is landing fully in your life.

And yet – you notice hesitations. You feel the presence of edges and trepidation. Wondering, “Am I skilled enough? Am I ready for the fullest responsibility spirit can present me with?” 

You yearn for a relationship with your spirit team that is effortless, gracious, and fluid….

You desire  your own unique healing style that is authentic, confident, and powerful…

And you feel deeply called to return to wholeness so you can profoundly heal, transform and liberate yourself and others, in this lifetime (and beyond)...

This is why I created my most powerful, and deeply supportive program yet:

Spirit Magic Apprenticeship.

It’s a 2-year, sacred and safe container for you to integrate, evolve and practice Spirit Magic tools – A place where we’ll weave together highly-personalized support so you can become a very deep, powerful, confident and gracious healer. 

In this program, you will be initiated more deeply into the craft of Spirit Magic and your own healer nature, and that source it arises from. 

This isn't just another training program or course.

It's a sacred, immensely supportive “Temple School” apprenticeship for those students ready to become full masters of this profound and important work. 

With passion for your gorgeous spirit,


“I have done a spirit guide course previously, years ago, but it was nothing compared to Spirit Magic. 

It was gentle yet so very powerful. I now have a clear and direct experience of connecting to angels and guides, and a direct knowing of how to work with them to support my own healing and life.”

Kym Wilson | Melbourne, Australia
Coach, Published Author & Adventurer

Once upon an ancient time…

Nestled amid lush, verdant forests or upon bare mountain hilltops…

Existed revered Temple Schools.

It was here that individuals – 

those with an inner calling to connect with the spiritual realm – 

pursued their calling to become healers.

Many of us have memories of such Temple Schools (or feelings and knowings about them)…

We recognize that in some way, we've been there before.

And we long to return or seek it out in a different form.  

It calls out like an echo through time. 

Here, healing was honored as a sacred art – an invitation to keep the sacred fire burning at all times.  

This is your invitation to keep that healing fire deep inside you vibrant and burning.

By devoting yourself to this path, you are coming into alignment with who you are and why you are here.

It’s a place of deep honesty and integrity to who you are and the path you want to walk, step-by-step. 

A place to deeply honor that you're bringing the healer + the sacred back together again.


Spirit Magic Apprenticeship Is Your Temple School Invitation To Become Your Next Evolution – 

A Powerful, Transformational, And Soulful Healer

Steve | Australia
Property Developer

“Spirit Magic was a game-changer and life-saver in such a supportive environment. 

Myree teaches complex esoteric subject matter with so much love, ease, passion, joy and fluidity. I walked away with tools, techniques and processes that I will use in my life forever.”

Jeffers | Melbourne, Australia 
University Professor & Paleontologist

“Expect major life changes and directions as your world awakens in diverse, positive ways!

Myree holds a universal space on Earth in extraordinary ways to bolster and fine-tune our innate abilities to connect to higher realms. Each of us has a job to do to shift the planet’s energies, and Myree has been instrumental in shining light on our respective life paths.”

Spirit Magic Apprenticeship Is Designed To:

⟡ Help You Become a Nourished and Joyful Facilitator: As a Spirit Magician, you will find joy and nourishment in your practice. Serving as a vessel for healing will cease to be a mere role and instead become a deeply ingrained part of your being. You will find yourself filled with a sense of fulfillment and purpose that radiates from within, touching every aspect of your life.

⟡ Address and Overcome Your Edges: You will gain tools and strategies to avoid burnout and ensure sustainability. You will learn how to manage challenging clients and navigate difficult events in sessions, empowering you to maintain your balance and composure in every client session.

⟡ Establish Boundaries and Structure: You’ll learn how to structure your business in a way that respects your boundaries and supports your well-being. Your practice should serve you before it serves others, and I will walk you through how to ensure boundaries that serve both you and your clients. 

⟡ Deeply Connect with Your Own Unique Gifts: Step into your unique qualities and gifts that you bring to the healing process. You will become deeply aware and self-assured in your own style as a facilitator so you can confidently show up as the powerful healer you’ve always envisioned. 

⟡ Effortlessly Connect with the Spirit Realm: Develop an effortless, gracious, and fluid relationship with your spirit teams. Your connection with the spirit realm will deepen, enriching your practice and serving as a source of oneness and spiritual strength.

⟡ Gain Confidence in Your Abilities: As you grow and evolve on this journey, your confidence will soar. You will no longer question your ability to facilitate healing; instead, you will step into each session with a deep and unwavering belief in your skills.

⟡ Craft Your Practice: Visualize and create a practice that aligns with your vision and values. Whether you dream of a bustling practice with a full client roster or a small, intimate practice with a select few, together, we will work on creating a practice that is uniquely you. 

⟡ Become a Powerful Healer: Above all, you will emerge from this apprenticeship as a powerful healer, ready to make a real difference in the world. You will be able to serve many realms of energy, and to weave deep essence nature, wisdom, and energy, into the healing that you facilitate.

Embody A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician

Your calling to heal is magnificent…
The healer in you is sacred…
Now it is time on this planet for your healer to fully emerge 

Your calling to heal is magnificent…
The healer in you is sacred…
Now it is time on this planet for your healer
to fully emerge 

“For the first time ever, I feel comfortable to be me and explore new aspects of myself and the higher realms. 

Spirit Magic blew my mind! Myree presented the course in a gentle yet dynamic way for us to safely explore the universal connections we are diversely discovering. It has changed my view of the world and the universe.”

JS | Melbourne, Australia
University Professor & World Expert in Fossils & Paleontology

3 Edges Most Baby Magicians Face:

 #1: You are excited and ready to practice and yet you notice unexpected hesitations that seem to come out of nowhere.

How this is reflected in your process:

  1. You’re eager to explore and use your healing abilities, launch your business, or touch the lives of those closest to you… but you hesitate as you ponder the most effective ways to utilize your new Spirit Magic toolkit. 

  2. Clients are appearing, and connecting with you, people are sending referrals,  and you notice small hesitations. Will you be the right person? Will you remember all your gifts?

  3. Some encounters with your Team are effortless, easy-going…but then some are more complicated and cloudy and you feel a bit frustrated that you lost your mojo!
 #2: Have you fully identified with your Unique Style?

How this is reflected in your process:

  1. You are showing up as a powerful healer and sharing your gifts with the world! — But you occasionally experience moments of hesitancy when it comes to fully expressing your authentic self – wether it’s to friends, family, partners, or to attract clients. And subtle whispers of doubt arise, questioning your readiness and level of experience. 

  2. You love the idea of sharing what you do with clients… but you encounter moments where defining and articulating your unique approach as a healer feels like a puzzle to solve. You long to have genuine self-expression, and the ability to powerfully reveal the beauty and depth of your healing gifts to the world.

  3.  You know you were born and called to live life on this earth as a powerful healer! But you linger in the whispers of self-doubt, hesitant to fully embrace this expansive vision and calling within your heart. 
 #3: You know there is an effortless flow that drives your journey yet you feel you are not yet fully in its current.

How this is reflected in your process:

  1. You’ve launched your practice or you’re on a beautiful self-healing journey! But you haven’t quite aligned with an effortless flow –whether that’s in attracting clients or easefully tapping into your healing powers.  

  2. You feel honored to be invited into the sacred space of healing with your clients!  Yet you encounter tender moments when certain challenges or healing edges present themselves and you seek the soft whisper of clarity or direction to guide you forward. 

  3. As you tread the path of your healing journey, you encounter moments of pause, where the flow of growth as a healer feels still, even stagnant. You desire to be in a joyous community that re-ignites the vibrant healing fire inside of you! 

Ready to reclaim your innate healing abilities and receive profound support to guide you to greater heights of Spirit Magic Mastery?

Continue Your Spirit Magic Journey
Ready to reclaim your innate healing abilities and receive profound support to guide you to greater heights of Spirit Magic Mastery?
Continue Your Spirit Magic Journey

A 2-Year Apprenticeship So You Can Become A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician

I’m Ready To Embrace Divine, Soul-Aligned Guidance

The Path Of The Healer: 

On your journey the path of a healer has 3 phrases you will be walking individually (and as a cohort). 

We begin as an i. Apprenticeship

We build our muscles as ii. Spiritual Warriors

And then we come into our full power as multi-dimensional iii. Spirit Magicians.  


You’ll be personally engaging and integrating each archetype…

Meeting your edges (owning it as a source of power within you). 

These archetypes are the binds and the structure that all of your learning fits into.

 Follow it, and it will help you hold yourself very powerfully as a healer in the world. 


i. Apprentice

This first module is an initiation deeper into the role of the healer. It is where you make a commitment to the deepest dreaming of the archetype of the healer within you and dedicate to apprenticing to the  craft of Spirit Magic. This dedication will allow much to come into form, to be born. To birth.

ii. Spiritual Warrior

The spiritual warrior is a power source, connected to your ability to wrestle with yourself, your personal history and the challenges you face in the world - turning them into medicine as you go.
It is essential that this is strong and alive in you because you will be helping other people to do the same task in activating their own spiritual warrior. The strength, depth and tenacity with which you are anchored in this, is illustrative of the depth that you can bring to your practice, your clients or groups.

iii. Spirit Magician

Here you step into the role and the deep being nature of Spirit Magician. You are able to create magic in a profound alliance with spirit, resolute and deeply aware of your own gifts and qualities that you bring to the healing process, that make it unique to you. You are able to serve many realms of energy, and to dwell from essence as you heal. Therefore you can weave deep essence nature, wisdom and energy, into the healing that you can create..

This Apprenticeship is a divine convergence of wisdom, skills, and experiences…

unfolding in a sacred space of learning. 

This Apprenticeship
is a divine convergence of 
wisdom, skills, and experiences…
unfolding in a sacred space of learning. 




Here’s How Your Transformation Will Unfold:


The Spirit Magic Apprentice - The Role itself.

⟡ Tap into the sacred wellspring of healing and gracefully infuse its essence into your sacred work.

⟡ You will begin to map your unique path of mastery. Uncover what it is you bring to the healing archetype that is definitively yours.

⟡ Engage in deep contemplation of your practice, embracing the transformative power it holds. With clarity, you’ll take those initial steps towards manifesting your greater vision, getting it up and running, or if it already exists, building it further.  



Being a Spiritual Warrior

⟡ Connect to, explore, and anchor into the spiritual warrior within you (and discover why this is core to being a healer)

⟡ Use the spiritual warrior capacity to explore your edges as a healer – the roadblocks, the things that you shy away from or avoid, or your unwillingness to own your gifts as a healer

⟡ Learn to use the spiritual warrior energy and power with clients, to engage their process and to inspire them to trust you and themselves to do very deep work


Being a Spirit Magician

⟡ Fully own the role of healer now, and all the other archetypes will be alive, rich and resonant within it. 

⟡ Be able to draw on many different sources of power as a healer, cultivating a rich and multi-dimensional healing approach, amplifying your ability to serve and heal. 

You will receive sacred guidance on embracing a reverent, humble, and wholehearted connection with the powers you have cultivated, learning to honor the sacredness of your abilities, and deeply understanding the significance of wielding them with utmost care and wisdom.


Hands-On Practicum –  12 Months

Ignite your confidence in dealing with clients through immersive, real-world experiences

 ⟡ Discover how to apply tools, theory, and teams together fluidly in practice with your clients

 ⟡ Navigate the edge of your potential in a safe, supported environment to bring your work to the world

⟡  Witness your own growth and the development of others in a nurturing community of peer support, supervision, and shared learning


Supervision and Skills Clinic

⟡ Receive personal focus on your cases and on your own journey as a healer

⟡ Have the opportunity to break down the steps in a client's process, so you can create a meta-perspective of the Spirit Magic journey of your client

⟡ Leave supervision with a set of suggestions, ideas and tools that you can take back and utilize with a client in upcoming sessions

⟡ Be held and fundamentally supported in a safe space where you can bring all your questions, concerns, worries, doubts, experiences of stuckness, fears, as well as your successes and celebrations


Advanced Spirit Magician Toolkit 

In this large module, spread throughout the program, you will continue to learn new, advanced, and increasingly more complex and subtle Spirit Magic tools that have been developed and practiced for decades.

Some Of These Tools Include:

⟡ The healing of Soul-Stealing and Soul-Return

⟡ Karmic Processes and Karmic Clearing

⟡ Shamanic support of the Assemblage Point, your inter-dimensional reference point in time and space.

⟡ Supporting people in the process of Death and Dying, and the transition of Soul through the light.

⟡ Trauma Reversal for the Brain

⟡ Advanced Stress Release

⟡ Using Spirit Magic with Human Design for personal advancement and wellbeing

⟡ Setting up client and business teams to attract aligned clients

⟡ Advanced Psychic Protection

⟡ Cranio-Sacral and Poly-Vagal tools for the nervous system.

⟡ Cleaning up and Reclaiming Power from Past Lives

⟡ …and much more 



Advanced Signal Awareness

In This Module You Will: 

⟡ Embrace and refine more advanced signal awareness skills

⟡ Learn how to integrate your ability to track signals with the guidance from your team in order to make sense of the process, clients' edges, or what is needed next

⟡ Expand and diversify your library of signals, from consensus reality signals to those increasingly subtle signals that arise and appear intuitively or fleetingly


Cross Your Growth Edges, Graduate, and Celebrate!

 ⟡ Myree and the Spirit Magic community will celebrate you as you integrate deeply all of your new Spirit Magic tools into a cohesive whole aligned for you, your unique life journey, and however you desire to more fully utilize your Spirit Magic. 

⟡ Together, we'll cap off your Spirit Magic journey with a magical, laughter-filled final celebration, where your growth, accomplishments, and vibrant spirit are the guests of honour, marking the exciting beginning of your next enchanting chapter.


Triad Peer Groups and Practice Dyads

 ⟡ Peer groups will be created at the start of the Apprenticeship. They will meet monthly when the program is in session. 

⟡ Peer groups will be an opportunity to practice the learning. To study together, and support one another in the apprenticeship.

⟡ You will also have a certain number of dyads that will be spaced out throughout the program which are opportunities to directly practice new tools that you are learning in this program and cultivate your expertise.

Read All Of The Details on these 8 Modules

“The knowledge and experiences I have come away with have been truly life-changing. 

Myree holds such a warm, open, supportive space and shares her wisdom, knowledge and love so generously. This course opened up so many new possibilities and beliefs about what I can do.”

Paige | Australia
Professional Editor, Geomancy Consultant & Earth Healer

Embrace the Spirit Magic Apprenticeship, and experience a transformative journey that will reshape your life and practice in profound and tangible ways.

Ready to Become an Apprentice of Spirit Magic?
Embrace the Spirit Magic Apprenticeship, and experience a transformative journey that will reshape your life and practice in profound and tangible ways.
Ready To Fully Embody The Healer Archetype That You Came Here To Live Out And Express On This Planet?


1. Death and Dying with Dr. Ingrid Rose

Designed to complement working with your Spirit Team…this bonus class will enrich your understanding and skills to better assist people during their death and dying processes. Drawing from her deep well of wisdom and experience, Dr. Ingrid Rose will shed light on the intricacies of supporting clients or loved ones who are nearing the end of life.

Meet guest teacher,
DR. Ingrid Rose, PH.D., LPC, DIPL.PW
Psychologist & Published Author

Ingrid’s guiding inspiration for her life work stems from her history of growing up in South Africa, where, as a child, perceiving the injustice around her, she decided to devote herself to individual and social change. 

Ingrid has been in private practice as a psychologist for more than 35 years,
 working with a large range of presentations, as well as being a clinical supervisor and international group facilitator. Ingrid began her studies in Process Work in Zurich in 1989 and has been a graduate of the program since 1995. She has taught at the university level and has had extensive experience teaching Process Work to groups in Portland, Oregon and all over the world.

Ingrid has authored two books, School Violence and Doorways into Dying. She has worked in the field of death and dying assisting patients and their families with the dying and grief process.

She has a long history of yoga and meditation practice and a strong interest in shamanism, adding to the depth of her work.

2. Signal Awareness with Susan Kocen MA

This bonus is designed to take you on a deep dive journey in understanding signal awareness: what signals are, how to track them more deeply, how to develop your ability to catch and follow signals, and how to unfold them in meaningful ways to complement, support, and deepened your Spirit Magic work.

Process Work Expert

Susan Kocen is a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA. She has spent a lifetime dedicated to explorations of deepest nature and creativity. Trusting that our paths reveal themselves through known and less known experiences, she facilitates processes of discovery: mythic paths, symptom exploration, conflict wisdom, and nighttime dreamwork and play.

Susan is inspired and nourished by the natural world, creativity, and the understanding that it is never too late to have a happy childhood.

Myree Morsi is a gifted therapist who has mastered the awakening process for the modern world. After successfully healing her own PTSD from childhood abuse, then guiding her own spontaneous Kundalini awakening to completion in 2009, Myree is dedicated to helping others heal their trauma, claim their spiritual gifts, and stabilise and befriend their awakening journeys.

In practice since 1999, Myree has a Master’s degree in Process-Oriented Psychology, a diploma in professional counseling in Australia and a teaching certificate in Kundalini yoga, and she is a graduate of Mythic Way from the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy.

By weaving her expertise in traditional counseling, trauma awareness and somatic therapy with her clairvoyant spiritual and energetic healing gifts, she has supported people for 20+ years who are navigating painful and confusing awakening, healing and spiritual journeys.

Myree’s natural Shamanic connection to nature since childhood enables her to see another’s aura and the movement of energies through their systems. She and her Spirit Teams love to use this gift generously. It allows her to break down complex situations with immediate precision and collaborate with clients for deeply personalised transformation. She is known for her unique approach to teaching and healing that perfectly balances the tangible and the mystical.

Since 1998, Myree has been working with her Spirit Teams and achieving profound healing. In 1999, she brought her Teams into her professional practice and has seen the same depth of healing with her clients ever since.


This is an incredibly powerful, life-changing course that will help you on your life path. Phenomenal transformation is possible to heal your life, your ancestors and the planet. I’m thankful to Myree for blessing us with these teachings, wisdom, experience and love!”

K.W. | Melbourne, Australia
Manager, Financial Planner & Coach


⟡ 8 sequential modules for effective learning of Myree’s unique quantum healing tools

⟡ 38 live classes with expert coaching, guidance & demonstrations from Myree and her Spirit Teams

⟡ 38 opportunities for spotlight support opportunities in all live classes

⟡ Brand new, advanced life-changing healing processes 

⟡ 1 in-depth, step-by-step manual to utilise in Spirit Magic Apprenticeship



⟡ Safe space to explore your spiritual yearnings, callings and profound activation

⟡ Practice opportunities with like-minded and encouraging Spirit Magicians

⟡ Lifelong friendships with healers around the world

⟡ Private Facebook group to sustain sweet connection with your fellow Spirit Magicians


⟡ Graduates become certified Spirit Magic Advanced Practitioners in Spiritual and Energetic Healing with the AHHCA

⟡  Access to all class recordings

Ready To Embody A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician?

Usual Investment to Work with Myree

100 hours of spiritual coaching

= $35,000+ USD

Investment in Spirit Magic Apprenticeship

⟡ 134.5 hours of deep immersion and virtual retreat-style classes

⟡ 24.5 hours of supervision included

⟡ 8+ hours of self-healing and personal development practice

22.5 hours of triad meetings and practice sessions with like-minded peers

⟡ 20 hours of mindfully selected recommended resources (includes books, articles, podcasts, audiobooks and documentaries)

= $6,666 USD

(or 2-20 affordable payments)

In 2 years, you will learn Myree’s unique tools and approach to becoming an accomplished, experienced, wise, reliable and trustworthy healer. 

Every second week, you’ll meet with Myree and your small group cohort to learn more advanced practices on: 

i. Healing and awakening

ii. Guiding clients on their own healing paths

iii. And how to create a joyful, nourishing practice and thriving business. 

Online courses often teach through pre-recorded videos and minimal live classes. Spirit Magic Apprenticeship is radically different. 

This is a highly experiential, hands-on, personalized Temple School with a safe container created and held by Myree and her Teams. 

There will be a limit of 16 students.

You’ll have the opportunity to receive guidance and mentorship in a small group setting to take your Spirit Magic healing powers to profound levels.

You’ll receive spotlight coaching with Myree, witness transformation in your peers, and get your questions answered in a conversation format over the course of  2 powerful years.

Your Advanced Certificate in Spirit Magic

At the end of this program, you’ll graduate with an advanced certificate as a Master Practitioner in Spirit Magic with AHHCA (Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association).

Regular Price

$6,666 USD

Most popular


6 Monthly Payments

$1,130 USD /month


12 Monthly Payments

$575 USD /month


20 Monthly Payments

$355 USD /month


10 Monthly Payments

$378 USD /month


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A Dedication And Journey To Learn Spirit Magic Craft, Intricately And Deeply, With The Support Of Your Soul Guide, Transformational Therapist, & Awakening Expert, Myree Morsi.  

An Invitation To Return To Your Wholeness As An Accomplished, Experienced, Wise, Reliable, Trustworthy Healer.

Embody A Powerful, Confident, And Gracious Spirit Magician

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