You have created your incredible, evolutionary Spirit Teams. Now, Myree will guide you through exploring new tools and ways of using these sophisticated teams in cutting-edge ways in your life.

This course helps you not miss a beat in honing your Spirit Team skills between Spirit Magic 2 and Spirit Magic 3. 

Over 4 months, you will meet with Myree and your Spirit Magic group for a 2-hour class per month.

This program is collaborative at heart. You will have the ongoing opportunity to request areas you would like to focus on as the program unfolds.

CB | Melbourne, Australia

“Myree’s ability and gifts in transferring knowledge and experience of communing with spirit beings are profound. And her generosity in sharing this with others is boundless.”

Jeffers | Melbourne, Australia

“Myree holds a universal space on the Earth in extraordinary ways to bolster and fine-tune our innate abilities to connect to higher realms. Expect major life changes and directions as the world awakens in diverse, positive ways. Each of us has a job to do to shift the planet’s energies, and Myree has been instrumental in shining light on our respective life paths.”


⟡ Develop your abilities and knowledge to further utilise the tools you learnt in Spirit Magic 2 Live

⟡ Reclaim your innate gifts and abilities

⟡ Play and explore with your Spirit Teams in innovative ways + explore with others

⟡ Refine your ability to communicate and heal with your Spirit Teams

⟡ Clarify your understanding of spiritual healing concepts and knowledge

Unfold stuck places, uncertainties and fears when healing and growing with your Spirit Teams and in your own life

⟡ Collaborate with your Spirit Teams on projects, ventures and growing edges

⟡ Clarify your communication style and abilities with your Spirit Teams

⟡ Bring all of these new abilities to any area of your life

⟡ Connect in a safe, sacred Spirit Magic community

⟡ Request areas you would like to focus on as the program unfolds

⟡ Receive worksheets and step-by-step guides to utilise the processes

⟡ Receive expert coaching and guidance from Myree and your Spirit Teams

⟡ Watch your life blossom and your evolution speed up with these new skills and co-creation with your Spirit Team

Have lots of Spirit Magic fun!

R | Melbourne, Australia

“I finally understand the universal connections I have with my light beings and spirit beings who have been enlightening me during my awakening.”


and ability to guide yourself through life with the resources to face any life challenge and unfold your biggest dreams.

Myree and her Spirit Teams are joyously awaiting to take your Spirit Magic experience to the next level!

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